2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost

in 2009 rolls-royce launched the ghost the smaller roller for someone. who maybe didn’t want the bigness of a phantom. the car swiftly became the brand’s biggest seller and now there’s a new one. this is it now on the outside. it’s a little bit longer and a little bit wider than the car that it replaces.

however some clever design trickery means your eye is drawn in at the front and it hides. its size also there are a couple of firsts right in front of you the first time the grill is illuminated but so it’s not too blingy the front struts of the grill.

they’re all chrome but behind is matte, so it’s not too in your face also. this is the first time the spirit of ecstasy sits out on her own in the body work itself. she’s not separated away on a different plinth. it’s all very very clever and very very smart.

you’ll also notice that from the a-pillars backwards there aren’t any shot lines this is done with lots and lots of welding in fact 1.2 meters of the stuff per side this has to be done simultaneously. which means when it’s being done there’s a chap on the left and a chap on the right welding away while

there’s also per man another man there to make sure things don’t get too hot. if you take a look at the rear you’ll see the body work it’s kind of scooped in again hiding the car’s dimensions and giving it a really really fancy rolls royce look.

it is a stunning car to look at it’s not too ostentatious but it’s still very much a rolls royce the exterior is beautiful. but the interior of the most technologically advanced rolls royce to date is pretty special too.

before we get to the technology. that’s packed inside the new ghost let’s talk a little bit about the aesthetics about the design the wood in here looks and feels like wood.

it’s not hidden under layers and layers of lacquer and it really lifts the interior also the leather well that’s taken from cows who have been nowhere near any barbed wire or anything like that.

but if you take a look at the door panel here this is a single piece of cow judging by it about a cow’s leg because they get quite big out there everything else in here is just sumptuous.

it smells beautiful everything is wonderful to touch wonderful to feel the experience of being inside a rolls royce is not lost on the new ghost.

now though let’s talk tech there is some aesthetic tech so in the roof we have our starry night spec which you can have your own constellation verified by a local observatory.

so you know exactly what you’re looking at you know. if you want the the old feel of home wherever you go alternatively.

you can have pretty much anything you want designed into the roof this starry night though has some shooting stars in it.

which is especially cool just every now and then you’ll see a little star fly across the ceiling and that’s that’s a neat touch up front.

there is an illuminated dashboard in here it says ghost and there’s stars on it but you can have pretty much whatever you want just ask and it will happen in terms of functional tech.

there’s loads to go through the reason i’m in the back is because right here. there is a fridge with a summer and winter setting so your champagne will either be very cold or very very cold and you can enjoy it on the fly.

also if i press this button here the table comes down with a screen which is fantastic and there’s hdmi port so i can put things on it and start having basically a little slice of home on the move.

if i don’t want the screen and just want the table well that’s possible too press this button and away it goes the infotainment is taken care of by a touch screen as this being a rolls-royce.

it will give you pretty much every bit of information you could possibly want in the universe ever also a neat touch in here the instrument dials while the silver rings are real the information displayed on them is virtual all very impressive.

this being a rolls royce you want the ride to be smooth and whisper quiet as such there is sound deadening pretty much everywhere.

there can be sound editing in here so you don’t get interference from the outside world that is apart from in the sills down here that acts as a sort of big echo chamber type thing that amplifies your music essentially making this a very very expensive very very loud hi-fi i can dig that on the right front your dampers have dampers so you can damp while you damp and then everything is super smooth after all it is a rolls royce.

you don’t want to spill your champagne, in fact you can drive this down belgian pave with a glass of champagne on the nose and it won’t fall over that’s cool and ridiculous.

but i love it roles has included a neat little party piece on this now as you know opening doors is the job of other people so that you can then go through them undisturbed and without having to use any of your precious hard-earned upper body strength rolls-royce agrees however there can’t be someone standing outside of the car every time you wish to disembark as such now.

what you need to do is when you pull the door handle you just keep it held and the door will open itself on its motors however this is a rolls royce which means it has its standard push door button to close bye the new rolls royce ghost then the exterior is a sight to behold it is beautiful and well just look at it.

I love it the interior is full of some delicious technology. I especially like the shooting stars in the roof but what about what’s under the hood well under.

there is rolls royce’s 6.75 liter twin turbocharged v12 kicking out 563 brake horsepower and 627 pound-foot good rolls-royce says for nought to 62 in less than five seconds and on to a limited top speed of 155 miles an hour if you want one prices start north of 200,000 pounds and first deliveries are pegged for the end of this year.

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