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Corvette 1956: The Real McCoy



The real McCoy


Here is the most remarkable car made in America today—the new Chevrolet Corvette.

Why remarkable?  

Because it is two cars wrapped up in one sleek skin.  One is a luxury car with glove-soft upholstery, wind-up windows, a removable hardtop, or fabric top, ample luggage space, a velvety ride and all the power assists you could want, including power-operated fabric top and powerglide transmission.

The other is a sports car.  And we mean the real McCoy, a tough, road-gripping torpedo-on-wheels with the stamina to last through the brutal 12 hours of Sebring, a close-ratio transmission matched to engine torque characteristics, razor-sharp steering that puts command into your fingertips.

Other people make a luxury car that has much the same dimensions as this.  That’s not so tough.  And the Europeans make some real rugged competition sports cars-and that’s considerably tougher.  But nobody but Chevrolet makes a luxury car that laso is a genuine 100-proof sports car.


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