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12: The 1957 Corvette


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The Corvette for 1957 features new 283 cubic inch displacement engines, and a stronger, more durable driveline. In addition to the new 220 horsepower regular production engine, three versions of the new optional high performance V-8 are available. New Chevrolet fuel injection is introduced in combination with the high performance engine. The basic chassis and reinforced plastic body continue without change.


The more powerful V-8 engine is available with four-barrel carburetion as regular equipment, or with dual four-barrel carburetion or fuel injection. The compression ratio is increased to 9.5-to-1 from 9.25-to-1 on all except the competition engine which is increased to 10.5-to-1. Output ranges up to 283 horsepower with the competition engine. Fuel injection, scheduled first for the competition engine, will replace all dual four-barrel carburetion, as it becomes available during the 1957 model year. Engine availability and ratings are shown in the chart below.


The modified hydraulic valve lifters, used on conventional passenger cars, are used on all Corvette engines, with the exception of those with the competition camshaft. The mechanical lifters used with this camshaft are modified to improve metering of oil to the upper valve train.


The rear axle, as in the conventional passenger car, is improved, featuring a heavily reinforced differential carrier and case, higher capacity tapered roller differential side bearings. higher capacity rear axle wheel bearings, and an oil baffle ledge which improves lubrication of the ring gear and pinion. Rear axle ratios of 3. 70-to-1 and 3.55-to-1 are continued for use with the three-speed close ratio and special Powerglide transmissions respectively. Also for use with the three-speed transmission, the optional 4.11-to-1 rear axle ratio is retained.


The more durable Powerglide transmission and the more positive shifting cam and roller detent mechanism, which entered production in mid-season 1956, are continued for 1957.


A stainless steel molding, approximately 2 inches wide, is added to the leading edge of the Corvette hardtop, extending from either drip molding. Bright metal nameplates, with the words "Fuel Injection" in script, are located above the deck lid emblem and in each side panel depression to identify models equipped with fuel injection. An additional emblem of crossed Corvette flags, located in the side panel depression immediately forward of the script nameplate, adds further identification. Corvette exterior and interior colors continue without change.



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