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1953 to 1962 Corvette Service Repair Manual

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1953-1962 Corvette Shop Service Repair Manual

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10: 1956-1957 Corvette Accessories


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Accessories available on the Corvette include seat belts, a heater and defroster and a transistorized radio.


SEAT BELTS are available on the Corvette as a dealer installed accessory. The gray nylon belt, chrome-plated quick 'release buckle and length adjuster slides are similar to those used in the conventional passenger car. Brackets and fasteners, provided in a separate kit, easily adapt the seat belts for Corvette installation. All Corvettes have a body reinforcement for belt attachment.


A NEW TRANSISTORIZED RADIO RECEIVER, which retains the signal seeking and favorite station features, is available as a factory optional accessory for the 1956 Corvette.


The recently developed transistor is a simple solids device capable of controlling, manipulating and amplifying as does the multi-element vacuum tube. The light weight transistor is minute in size and extremely rugged due to its simple construction. It requires no high-voltage power supply, therefore this current-operated, low-impedance current amplifier is particularly suited to use in automobile electrical systems.


The audio and power unit of the radio is completely redesigned, having a chassis of 1/8 inch aluminum. The aluminum chassis serves to transfer the heat created within the power transistor to the surrounding air. This is necessary because, although heat generated by transistors is much less than that produced by vacuum tubes of equivalent power, all of the heat generated within the transistor is concentrated within a relatively small area. The power audio amplifier uses two transistors operating directly from the 12-volt car battery. These two transistors provide more power output and do it more efficiently than do tubes. Because they operate directly from the 12-volt battery, they need not be powered by the high voltage supply. The high voltage supply needs only to furnish power to the radio frequency unit; hence its output is approximately one third that for the all-tube receiver. Since power supply losses increase with power output, the overall receiver efficiency is increased and current drain lowered.


In place of a vibrator, the receiver uses two additional transistors. The mechanical and electrical hum characteristic of the vibrator supply is therefore eliminated.


The radio frequency unit is essentially unchanged from the all-tube set, however, the first audio amplifier tube has been redesigned to properly match the input impedance of the power transistors.


AN OUTSIDE AIR TYPE HEATER will replace the recirculating type shortly after start of production. Air is supplied to the new heater through a duct located behind the radiator grille.


The new heater has an air valve control which is added to the right of the radio controls , and a heat control added immediately to the right of the two-speed blower-defroster knob.


The outside air type heater improves distribution and reduces the tendency of windows to fog.



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