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1953 to 1962 Corvette Service Repair Manual

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1953-1962 Corvette Shop Service Repair Manual

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06: Rocker Covers, Distributor, Intake & Exhaust Manifolds


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The new rocker covers are of die-cast aluminum, with deep longitudinal ribs at the top. Ribs are spaced to allow for the word "Corvette" in script at the center.








A new intake manifold, cast in aluminum, is used with the dual four-barrel carburetors. A cross-over passage divides so that exhaust gases are routed under the primary side of either carburetor, supplying heat to the manifold riser on cold starts. Use of aluminum rather than cast iron results in a weight saving of approximately 21 pounds.








Increased power is obtained through use of a new exhaust manifold with central outlet. The exhaust pipe connects at this central location rather than at the former outlet near the end.

Larger gas passages gradually increase in cross-sectional area, from the inlet port at the cylinder head, into the main exhaust passage , resulting in reduced back pressure and improved engine breathing.







To provide more stable operation at high engine speeds, a two-breaker distributor is introduced into the engine electrical system. Flatter cam lobes, possible with this two-breaker arrangement, result in reduced point bounce and spark scatter and should provide longer point life and greater rider block durability.







Bright metal electrical shielding encases the distributor, coil, ignition cables and the spark plugs, preventing radio interference. The coil is relocated to a position next to the distributor so that a single transverse pan houses both units. A channel-like section extends downward encasing the ignition cables, and another section passes under either exhaust manifold, housing the spark plugs.



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