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1953 to 1962 Corvette Service Repair Manual

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1953-1962 Corvette Shop Service Repair Manual

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04: 1956-1957 Corvette Interior


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Major new features of the 1956 Corvette include restyled seats and sidewalls, a racing-type steering wheel, a new transmission control, lowering side windows and swing-out type door hinges.


The Corvette cockpit is trimmed in vinyl, providing both a luxurious appearance and the durability so necessary in a convertible.


Interiors are keyed to harmonize or contrast with exterior colors.


The narrower bucket-type seats have a waffle pattern central panel on backrest and cushion, framed by a leather grain horseshoe bolster. A manual seat adjuster, previously only on the driver's side, is provided at the base of either seat.


A new package compartment is conveniently located in the panel which separates the two seat backs.


A plastic filler panel is added between the lock pillar and the seat and a bright textured metal step is located at its base. The door sill is continued from the previous model.


Leather grain vinyl covers the door garnish molding which is continuous with the instrument panel crown, and a wide plastic band, painted instrument panel color, runs parallel beneath it.


Sidewall upper panels and cowl side kick panels are trimmed in waffle pattern vinyl.


A bright horizontal molding divides the sidewall just above the new built-in arm rest, then slopes down to the floor. The arm rest and lower panel are leather grain vinyl.


A bright textured metal kick panel, at the bottom of the door, extends rearward from the decorative molding. Bright metal door lock levers and side window regulators are added to the sidewall. The balltype inside door handle is retained.


The instrument panel is continued from the previous model and displays knurled knobs, the same as used on the 1956 Bel Air passenger car.


The windshield wiper control is relocated to the right of the headlight switch. Beneath the instrument panel, to the right of the steering column, the convertible top control is added. A bright metal T-handle replaces the knob-type hood release.


A competition-type steering wheel with three flat steel spokes and central horn button replaces the former wheel with horn ring. The wheel rim is moulded with a leather grain and painted to harmonize with the interior trim. Corvette crossed flags and the words "Chevrolet Corvette" are embossed on the horn button. The direction signals, which are regular equipment, have the control lever mounted concentric with the steering column.


A new transmission selector lever, with bright metal spherical knob and rubber dust shield, is relocated to the top of the flatter floor tunnel. A bright metal rectangular bezel surrounding the control has selector lever positions diagrammed at its center. An ash tray is incorporated in the bezel to the right of the selector lever.


The new side windows which can be lowered are framed in bright metal, and a fixed glass channel is mounted at the front of the door. Manual regulators are replaced by bright metal push-button regulators when optional power window lifts are specified.


Swing-out type hinges , similar to those used on the conventional passenger car front doors, provide new ease of entry and, together with the new lowering windows, make possible improved door sealing.



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