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1953 to 1962 Corvette Service Repair Manual

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1953-1962 Corvette Shop Service Repair Manual

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A year ago, when launching the first edition of the " Annual Automobile Review", we felt that a publication such as ours would meet the taste, and even the needs, of the huge public comprising all those who are interested in cars but who have not, however, time to follow regularly the technical progress and the sporting results.


It is essentially for such readers that we have produced a review, as complete as possible and bringing together the most important events of the year in a short, exact, and readable form.


The instant success of the" Annual Automobile Review" all over the world showed that we were right. This success encourages us to continue in the same way, while incorporating in each new edition any improvements suggested by experience or by the advice given by our readers, collaborators, and friends.


This second edition, on the whole much like the first, does not include the catalogue of new cars which was included in the first number. Since each" Salon de l' Automobile" serves as a pretext for the publication of one or more catalogues, we thought it would be useless to add yet another one, so we have replaced it by a general survey in which Gordon Wilkins described, in order of their appearance on the market, the new cars and the improvements made to those already known.


Charles Faroux, who fathered the" Twenty-four Hours of Le Mans" and also the sports-car which he was the first to define according to the criteria still applied today, will naturally write on sports-cars, as he is well competent to do after fifty years experience.


The World Championship of racing-cars, that of sports-cars, as well as the European Touring Championship, form an important chapter which we have allotted to the international sportsman Giovanni Lurani, well-known to everyone in the motoring world. His reports are illustrated by numerous photographs, mostly unpublished, taken by our own reporters and by the specialists R. Mailander, C. Millanta and L. Klemantaski, to mention only the best known.


The lecture which Richard von Frankenberg, racing driver for the PORSCHE works, gave on the " power slide" to the driver's of the" School for racing drivers" at Campione, seemed to us likely to interest a large number of sportsmen, so we are glad that the lecturer became for once a journalist for the greater pleasure of our readers.


Paul Frere, newspaperman, engineer and well-known racer, took part in several Grand Prix in 1954. He is the only journalist who participated in the struggle which set face to face drivers and makes of cars during this first year of Formula I. This gives special value to the ideas set out in his article.


The greatest care has been given to the illustrations in this number. We have secured the best photographs in black and white and in colour, and they have been printed so that nothing of their value is lost. We aim at making the" Annual Automobile Review" the book in which are found the best illustrations concerning cars. In 1954 only the constant bad weather prevented us from taking good colour photographs of the big races.


Here we should like to thank all those who have collaborated in bringing out this second edition. They are many and all indispensable. It is thanks to their help and to the help of friends we now number in several of the big firms that we shall be able to realize our aim: " To make each' Annual Automobile Review' better than its predecessor. "       A.G.




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