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1953-1962 Corvette Shop Service Repair Manual

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Corvette 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 Trivia


  • The M22 4 speed standard transmission, is the least ordered option in 1966.

  • Last year for the Aluminum knock off wheels, later replaced by bolt ons in 1967.

  • Headrest's and shoulder harnesses were first introduced.

  • Because of the upper limit of 5.0 liter on engine displacement, the 1966 Corvette was not considered as eligible for the SCCA Trans Am.

  • Corvair, the only eligible car for Chevrolet.

  • The Holley Carburetors became standard equipment for Corvettes.


  • The parking brake handle from under the dash was moved to between the seats.

  • The 3 different exterior blue colors presented were Elkhart Blue, Lynndale Blue and Marina Blue.

  • RPO (regular production option) L88 a 427 engine that produces in exceed of 500 HP were offered for 1967.

  • The RPO L88 was not planned to be use in the street.

  • There were only 20 1967 Corvettes ordered with RPO L88.

  • The 3 different hood designs for 1967, the small block hood, big block hood and the L-88 hood.

  • The vinyl covered hardtops were made available.  The vinyl was presented in black, white or saddle tan.

  • The GM "Mark of Excellence" plate was affixed to the inside driver's door jamb of the 1967 model for the first time and the only year to have that plate.

  • The first to ship the build sheet or tank sticker attached to the top of the gas tank.

  • The big tank (36 gallon) option that appears since 1963, last in 1967.

  • Black has the slightest ordered exterior color in 1967.

  • 4,209 Corvettes with side exhaust and 14,436 convertibles were ordered in 1967

  • The speed warning indicator first appeared in 1967 would last until 1969.

  • From the airport, the special production 1967 LeMans Corvette was driven to the track.


  • The 1968 Corvette is seven inches bigger than the 1967 model.

  • A factory installed anti-theft alarm system was presented, but less than 400 cars were so equipped.

  • August of 1967, the beginning of the production of the 1968 Corvette model.

  • The use of a front air dam and a rear spoiler was first made in the 1968 model.

  • The 1968 model was the first to experience a factory installed alarm system.

  • 1968 was probably the most terrible quality production year ever due at least in part to Chevrolet policy to treat the Corvette like any other production car - this had a very negative reaction from the buying public and by the end of the year higher quality and model independence were restored.

  • Corvette considers the Banshee, a two seater convertible sports car, design by John DeLorean from the Pontiac Motor Division as a big treat to Corvette, they immediately find ways to stop the project before it would proceed to production.

  • In 1968 the big block intake manifold actually sunk into the lifter valley to provide hood clearance.

  • Hidden windshield wipers were first introduced in 1968.

  • The AM/FM radio became optional.

  • 1968 was also the first year the radio was actually stereo - earlier to 1968 Corvettes only had one speaker.

  • The center bar in the T-Tops supposedly was not part of the original design, however because of the body twist it had to be added in production cars.

  • The 1968 models were installed with Emission control equipment.


  • 1969 saw the introduction of the 350CI small block

  • The "Sting Ray name" that was not used in the 1968 models was used in 1969, but as one word "stingray".

  • in 1969 (through 1973) RPO#P02 was for full wheel covers.

  • in 1969 the ignition moved to the steering column as part of an anti-theft effort

  • 1969 presented the ZL-1 - an all aluminum engine - sales of this option were reduced.

  • $4,718.35 the additional cost of the ZL-1 engine option in 1969.

  • The ignition lock that was from the dash was moved to the steering column and would remain there until 1997.

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