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1953 to 1962 Corvette Service Repair Manual

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1953-1962 Corvette Shop Service Repair Manual

Welcome to Corvette World

We have Free Corvette Owners Manuals, Specifications Manuals, Technical Information, & Original Corvette Part Number Information for your reference.

Also we have Corvette Factory Photographs in our photo gallery, Original Magazine Advertisement Ads, & Vintage Television TV Commercial Videos for the Classic Chevrolet Corvette!

We also have Corvette Shop Service Repair Manuals in our Manuals Section as PDF Download at affordable prices.


Chevrolet Corvette's Logo

 Chevrolet Corvette's Logo  



Corvette Logo

 The Original Corvette Logo

 Designed by Robert Bartholomew, an  interior designer at Chevrolet in 1953.This  is the old design of the logo of Corvette, it  had crossing staffs with the checkered flag  on the right hand side, and the American  flag on the left hand side.  But this has  been replaced, four days before the  Corvette to go on display at the show, the  management team of GM decided to  change it because it is just not right to  place an American flag or any country's  flag for that matter in an automobile  emblem not to mention being against the  law. The emblem was replaced with a  front  emblems and horn button contained a  black and white checkered flag and a red  Chevrolet bow-tie and fleur-de-lis. 




  The New Corvette Logo

 This is the new emblem of the Corvette  Logo. It has a front emblems and horn  button contained a black and white  checkered flag and a red Chevrolet bow-  tie and fleur-de-lis. 



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