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Chevrolet Corvette ZO6

Review Notes:  2001 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6
Personality Incredible power in a manageable package that still has an old-style muscle car feel
Quirks Corporate cruise control
Unique features Total performance, accessible without extensive training
Clearly Superior: Easy acceleration, instant power, handling, braking
Above Average: Style
Needs Work In:

Some interior fittings, cruise control stalk

Fresh from a 2001 redesign, the current generation Corvette offers extra power to the engines, a new top-of-the-line Z06, and improved to the active suspension and traction control system. A result is a car that's a lot easier and better to live with than the Viper, with almost matching performance, and a lesser price tag.

Dave Hill, the engineer head of the project Z06, does not hesitate to confirm that Corvette Z06 is the fruit of the know-how attain on the whole of the victories in race of endurance.

According to Chevrolet, the top end Zo6 moves from zero to sixty in four seconds flat.  Even the base automatic can get there in five seconds, which, given the heavy clutch and stick, is a case for buying the automatic.  It has fitting sounds for a high-performance muscle car, also in excellent handling, hold by an active suspension and a dry weather traction control that makes extreme acceleration easy even for a beginner driver.  And what makes it much easier to handle is the active handling.

The Corvette provides spacious rooms for two, but the hard-to-open center console is very thin.  And because there's no partition, passengers can get hold of the trunk.

Some of the aspects that makes Corvette more easy to drive is the traction control and active suspension, however shifting is not apart of it.  A lot of time is needed to get the feel of the heavy shifter and clutch.

A well-programmed and easily operated trip computer, alphanumeric readout, and easy to read gauges are the features of Corvette's instrument panel . It has a sporty and unique interior too and at the press of a button the speedometer switches between mph and kph, swinging the needle around as needed.  There is also an options button that when pressed would allow the driver to set preferences for car locking, seat movement, and other features.

The cruise control stalk is Corvette's main control problem it is hard to use, and on the same track as the windshield washer, wipers, and headlights. On the other hand, it has a nice feature, the alphanumeric message area that would tell on what speed it is set for when it is activated or when the speed is changed.

The two flavors of Corvette are the base and Z06.  The base model can get from zero to sixty in five seconds with an automatic, 4.5 with a manual, the base model also has a smoother ride, and an automatic transmission.

The Corvette enters the world of the supercar, through the Z06 - however, since the 1970s, its been the best of the "normal-production" American muscle and sports cars.  Z06 uses high-tech materials like carbon fiber, aluminum or magnesium to gain in lightness and not to post that 1420 kg on the balance.

General specifications

Record last updated

Before 12 / 01 / 2004

Country of origin

United States

Years of production

2000 - 2001

Numbers built


Body design



1409 kilo / 3106.3 lbs



LS6 90º V 8

Engine Location

Front , longitudinally mounted


5.665 liter / 345.7 cu in


2 valves / cylinder, OHV

Fuel feed

Fuel injection


Naturally Aspirated


Borg-Warner T56 6 speed Manual


Rear wheel drive

Performance figures


385 bhp / 287 KW @ 6000 rpm


522 Nm / 385 ft lbs @ 4800 rpm


68 bhp / liter

Power to weight ratio

0.27 bhp / kg

Top Speed

275 km/h / 171 mph

0-60 mph Acceleration

4.0 s


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